Watch our SANS Spring Cyber Solutions Fest Session:

Browsers are the new battlegrounds; how MirrorTab protects web apps and customer trust

Presented by:

Brian Silverstein

Founder of MirrorTab. Previously co-founded Honey
($4B acquisition by PayPal).

Your customers rely on your business and online services, trusting in the safety of their interactions with your web app, yet every interaction is vulnerable. Hackers can easily interject themselves to view sessions, all data entered or viewed, credentials, sensitive and personal information, through client-side attacks with just a few lines of harmful code in a browser extension or on their client device. This session will explain how hackers hijack customer sessions with bad extensions or malicious code, viewing sensitive data, credentials, credit card information, and any data passed into your web application as plain-text. We will demonstrate the latest technology available to protect web applications and customer interactions without writing or adjusting any code from these web-based threats.